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It's been a while

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over the last two months, I'd completely lost my running mojo due to a combination of the dark rainy nights and work being so blinking hectic that all I had the energy for when I got home was to slump on the sofa in a useless exhausted heap.

And, to really make sure I had no interest in running, my usual Virtual Race website had exactly 2 medals I felt I wanted and either medals I already had or medals I thought were boring beyond belief.

Then my sister-in-law, who wants to get back into running herself, showed me a site she'd found for Virtual Races! I want that one! And that one! And that one! Oooh! And those 3 stack and you save £6 if you buy them as a stack. And I like this one!

So yes, my running Mojo's back and I'm now signed up for 7 Virtual Races over the next few months, if that doesn't get me back on track

Just to get things rolling, Dhiny, my sister-in-law and I all went together for a nice 3k walk in the fresh air. We came back a bit muddy and cold but proud of ourselves.

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Good news that you have your mojo back Mrs Psycho...I find recording my runs on Strava helps a lot with motivation, but I also enjoy running for bling! Enjoy earning yours in 2019!😊xx

Hi Dhiny too! 👋xx

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Welcome back... look after that mojo, we don’t want to see you lose it again! Happy running.

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I loved running after work. It was the best stress reliever. Found it very therapeutic. Kept on the side paths with street lights. It was a big weight off me. Not entirely, after I quit the job it was! Lol.

Glad you found your mojo and don't lose it now.

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