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how should I get back on track

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hello lovely people, hope you've all had a good xmas. i completed week 8 run 3 two weeks ago, but had a rest because my ankle was giving me grief (i posted a question about this previously), then to top it off, a day after completing that run, I twisted my ankle whilst taking the washing out - stupid i know!

I decided to rest my ankle completely for a couple of weeks but would now like to try and graduate from th C25K as I've enjoyed the journey so far (apart from the ankle set back!)

My question is should I repeat week 8 before going on to week 9 as I've had a couple of weeks off?

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I think you need to listen to your body and check your ankle. It might be worth investing in an ankle strap to give it some extra support while running. If all is ok then I would give one of the Week 8 runs a try and if that goes well, move on to week 9. There's no rush to get to the podium, so making sure you're fit enough is a priority.

Good luck and take care.

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Hi aussiechick you've come so far you should definitely finish and graduate ( then keep running 😊) When I injured my ankle in week 9 I did a 20 minute run, then a days rest and then 25 minute run. That gave me confidence to restart week 9 - good luck!!

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Why not head out on a nice gentle run........if you manage 30 minutes, it is W9R1.......if it is 28 minutes it is rerun of W8........any less and you can slot back into whichever week is appropriate.

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Good sensible decisions... well done. I’m coming back from a badly twisted ankle too and my first 3 runs were literally half mile jobs... slow and steady... then I upped to a mile. So, maybe pick some early runs from the plan and run them gently... so maybe a week one as a test, a week 3, a week 5 and then drop back on to the plan... let any stretched ligaments regain any strength that they lost and you’ll be set to complete the plan.

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