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W3 r1

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After building myself up to week 8, everything was going so well until I got struck down with a really heavy cold at start of December. Then Christmas happened. Went out today for my 1st run in nearly 4weeks and thought I’d do an easy one to get me back into it.

How wrong was I thinking it would be easy. Really struggled to get going and huffed and puffed my way through 3mins running. Had no power to even get going in the walking sections. Feel like I have an extra stone on as well so trying to lug that around too wasn’t great.

Any advice on how to get my motivation/confidence back and get fighting fit again?

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Firstly, well done getting back out there. That cold will have knocked it out of you and Christmas generally adds a few pounds.... so what’s happening is pretty normal.

Now... you got to week 8, so you know how great you felt competing that group of 25 minute runs... you no doubt want that feeling again... so go get it, there’s only on way to get it. What you did pre December you can do again starting today... and you’re going to complete this and show everyone who ever doubted you what you’ve got, yourself included.

Today’s run woke the legs up, kicked your body upon the ass after a month out, and made you doubt you can do this... but that doubt is a lie, you’ve done it already. Just keep getting out there and get better and better in every way... and visualise those goals... finishing that graduation run, lining up for a 5k race or parkrun knowing that you can run the whole thing, maybe goals after that. You can do this.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself! It takes weeks to get over a viral infection. Just take it easy for now by going back to week one if necessary and you’ll get back to where you were before all this eventually. Well done for going out running again!

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I actually do. I got injured (knee) during my first spell and that forced me out for 2 months. I had to go from week one, all the way. Then, a few runs before the graduation l left strained ankle and being an idiot l decided to plough on so strain became pain. On my graduation, once l finished it all and got home my ankle looked grotesque and the pain was searing. Three more months on the sidelines and back to square one. W1R1.

That was a few years ago, and l changed everything - my gear, my training, hydration, diet, rest, training routine, anything that led me to those injuries and now I’m mid training to full marathon.

The idea is to forget about timeframe and simply follow the goal.

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