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Post Xmas Run


Cor after all that eating I done and all that Gin I drank I didn't think I'd have it in me to start week 5.

But I did it this morning.

It was early. It was cold. Minus 1 apparently.

There were lots and lots of dog walkers out 😂

Me & Dooze walked a bit longer before running this time to get to a nice place to run out in the fields on a track. I enjoyed that because it was picturesque.

I got a tip from someone on here the other day about my floppy running hands problem. So this time I pretended I was carrying a crisp in each hand (pickled onion monster munch to be precise) and it worked a treat. I didn't clench my fists too hard as if I'm angry running and I didn't flop my hands about like a jellyfish. Do jellyfish flop about? I dunno.

Anyway I've been a bit nervous about this week because there's a 20 minute run at the end of it. I dunno if I can do that or not.

Part of me thinks I can and part of me thinks I can't.

One thing I do know is that I am finding it harder now, to start running again after walking, I am starting to get the feeling that I do want to continuously run.

Then there's times when I just want to stop, lay down and go to bed 😂

I'm feeling generally, overall positive about this though. Looking forwards to going into the new year as a runner now!

Doozer ran with me, he hasn't written on here yet so I'll let him tell you about his run!

Cheers for reading this

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose

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Sounds like your doing great Birdy!! You can definitely run 20 minutes non stop, remember that each run and each week prepares you for the next and the good news is after w6r2 there's no walk breaks - you'll smash it!

I don’t think jellyfish flop. I think they just get washed up and are a blob. I grew up in the Middle East and spent a lot of time prodding jellyfish on beaches. Mind you, they were probably dead.

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