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Man vs. Christmas dinner... Man won 🥇


Boxing Day consolidation run, never thought I’d get a personal best, but took the opportunity for a run in the daylight, a rare occasion for the next few months. It was a great run, lots of people out and about, I passed one group walking the other way 3 times on my loop, they looked very confused

Anyway a personal best it was! By almost 2 minutes

30:19 for 5k

No running related presents this year as it’s quite a new thing for me, but at least there’s less chocolate and alcohol no counter it :)

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Fabulous time! I'm beginning to think that Christmas dinner is excellent fuel for runners 😊

in reply to Tartancat

I’m thinking it’s my dads sausage rolls, it’s been years since I’ve had some, best in the world ;)

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