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Week 8 run3 sort of

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Attempted this run today but got the worst stitch ever and couldn't run for 28 mins. I had had half a pint of beer before running but don't think that was the cause of the stitch. I need to repeat this run and move my aim for graduation to New Year's Day why would be a great start to 2019.

Happy Christmas to everyone in this wonderfully supportive community.

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Happy Christmas to you Jalk, sorry about the stitch causing you to stop running, not advisable to drink a half pint of anything before a run, even that much water, let alone beer, anyway, best of luck to you for your graduationπŸŽ“ run πŸƒ on New Year's day. πŸƒ

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Thanks AlMorr, I ran over half way before the stitch . Always something to learn, will try again tomorrow .


Your body was saying β€˜er can we stop nowβ€™πŸ˜Š . Good luck for next time.

Week 8 run 3 now done, no stitch this time, went out before breakfast, all ok

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