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Up and down - better for me or no difference?

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I completed C25K some months ago by running along the canal towpaths that starts behind my house. But I live in a very hilly area and the hills are rather steep. The canal is about the only part of the local area that is flat or even close.

yesterday, feeling bored with the same old views I decided on a whim to run up the hill. It nearly killed me but I got up. Down the other side allowed me to catch my breath before going up the next hill then back down and home up another slope. The run took me about 28 minutes compared to the 40-45 minutes I have been running along the canal.

my question is this. does including hills/slopes make the run harder/help me burn off more fat or will the ease of the descent cancel out the struggle of the ascent?

Also, I'm trying build up to a park run and i'm aware that they are not as flat as my normal canal run. just how bumpy are the park run paths (i'm aware they will vary a lot!)

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Hills build strength and speed! Descents are harder on the joints, but taken steadily they will build strength in them.

Great running.

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