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Week 2 - very slow

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I started the C25K and I have just completed W2 run 1. I get achy knees and lower leg pain. I go slow as that's the best I can do. I feel great afterwards with good intentions to eat healthy and I am excited about doing this for me. I am overweight and in my early 40s. I am wondering if I can run for a longer distance but not sure. The Dr said it's a good idea for me to trim down and encouraged me to do this. I love the programme as it's a personal trainer to tell me when need to run and how long. I am getting new running trainers as an Xmas pressie and look forward to graduating. Xxx

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Hey Janechic. I felt the same during week 2 - check my posts. I was sure I’d hurt too much to run any further. But I’ve just completed my Grad run. Keep going, slow and steady ... listen to the mentors on this site. They really know what they’re talking about. So glad you’re feeling great after running now - that feeling gets better and better as you run further and get stronger. The hard bit was starting running in the first place and you’re way past that. Good for you girl !!!

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It’s early days yet. I’ve recently graduated the plan and remember all those worries you’ve mentioned. My advice would be to trust the plan. Those aches etc will settle at week6 or 7. They’re very common. Read the forum tips and hints and keep going and you won’t go far wrong. Good luck

You can do it, I am 38 and my doctor said I needed to loose weight as well and I have actually listened to him and decided to do c25k it really works and you can do it! I have also gone to a low carb diet so no potatoes, pasta, rice, bread and I feel great.

Keep going and good that you are doing it for you!

Happy Running and enjoy your new trainers I got new trainers after graduation and wished I had done it earlier, do get a gait analysis done if you can it’s the best thing I did.

Seasons Greetings


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Slow is the best way to do this, it builds your legs better and increases your fitness faster than quick running... so I’d say feel going just as you have been. Runs can be hard, and some aches and pains are normal at the start. Happy running.

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