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Week 2 run 2: slow...

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Hey all,

I’m doing okay in the sense that I’m finishing all the runs (and actually jogging/running the ‘run’ sections) but I’m very slow - I’m only doing about 3k. Anybody got any advice about how to improve this?

Thanks :)

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Don’t worry about it! The plan really aims to develop stamina by getting you to run for half an hour without stopping. Distance and speed come later. Something like 85 or 90% of us don’t get to 5K by the end of the Plan, but we’ve all gone from nowhere to half an hour as runners. 👏🏼🎉👏🏼 I’ve graduated and am now extending my runs gradually in both time & distance. (And I’ve even crept up a tiny bit in pace.) But I’ve had no injuries and I love running, even though I haven’t yet made a full 5K. Slow for me was the key.

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JadeyG in reply to Granspeed

Thank you, that makes me feel so much better! It’s nice to hear that people carry on after they have graduated it as well!

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GranspeedGraduate in reply to JadeyG

Oh yes. Beware of addiction! 😄

Just keep plodding away. Not everybody was meant to be mike johnson. Get the fitness then rhythm then technique. It will come. be patient.

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JadeyG in reply to Big_Trev

Haha lack of patience is an issue that I have - you’re right - I’ll give it time and see what happens! Thanks for the advice :)

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Welcome. Sounds about perfect to me. Pace is something to work on after C25K if you want to. This is all about becoming a runner, and the best way to do that is with some slow running. Enjoy your journey.

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JadeyG in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you - I am enjoying the journey so far and I’m hoping that will continue!

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There is a technique for getting faster. It involves working through C25K at the easy conversational pace described in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... then consolidating for several weeks and then, when you have built your basic stamina and endurance, in a few months time, you can start to work on a speed.

You are doing great........... relax and carry on as you are.

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JadeyG in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for the advice! I will just carry on as I am and see what happens :)

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Finishing all the runs is more than just 'OK' - it's fantastic! Although this is called Couch to 5K, it doesn't actually mean you have to be running 5k, just that by the end of you it aim to run 30 minutes non-stop. I've been doing Park Run most weeks since I graduated from C25K just before Christmas. I still can't run the full 5K, but my average pace has come down slowly and steadily. Gradual improvement is what you're aiming for - it's more sustainable in the long run!

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JadeyG in reply to Amerynthe

Thank you! Your park runs sound impressive! It’s nice to hear from people who have graduated it and carried on - it sounds like c25k has made a positive difference!

Hi jadeyG! I never focussed on my distance and it was only when I graduated did I measure it. As long as you are running for the whole time you should be AS SLOW AS YOU LIKE but running/shuffling (faster than a walk basically!) you will complete this programme. Concentrate on that aspect, the distance comes later. Enjoy the run if you can, listen to your favourite music or radio station, clear your mind and de-stress! You are doing amazing! Keep going 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️

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JadeyG in reply to

Thank you for that Berta! I’ll follow your advice - tbh the de-stressing element is really helping after work haha

You don’t realise how well you are doing haha! I am only managing 2.75k and that’s at the end of W3! Keep going! Xx

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JadeyG in reply to JaoJao

Thank you! That’s good to hear! How have you found week 3?

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JaoJao in reply to JadeyG

I loved it. It’s actually the shortest runs in terms of duration so I will miss the week 3 runs. This evening I move to W4! X

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JadeyG in reply to JaoJao

I make the mistake of reading about the runs the week before and then wondering how on earth I’ll complete them haha. It’s good to hear that week 3 is a nice week! Good luck tonight!

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JaoJao in reply to JadeyG

Thank you!

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Why worry about the distance? Slow running is better than NO running! I will be quite happy just to be able to spend (eventually) 20 minutes going along at a slow pace, but making the running movements that are said to strengthen the muscles. My breathing, flexibility, muscle tone, endurance and mental attitude are all getting better. When eventually, I am happy with all those results, then, it might be time to go further or faster. Try watching the YT video of a gent “Japanese Slow Running”. Breathing, foot placing, arm movement, body position - all mentioned and demonstrated. Looking and feeling good for your age, seems perhaps a better aim for C25K? Than distance? Don’t race against the GPS. Jog for a good life.

Enjoy doing it first, then go further if you still enjoy that distance bit.

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JadeyG in reply to Hatman

That’s perfect advice. I had originally started it to just improve my breathing tbh (I’m quite a bad asthmatic) so perhaps I should just focus on that and stop worrying about everything else! Thank you so much for your advice :)

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Jadey G. Thats ok. you are walking and running so at wk 2 run 2, 3k is totally same as me.

You can't really expect to go further int he time at this stage - Hope you are enjoying it and finding it a it easier with each run.

I find the hardest bit the 1st 2 or 3 minutes - seems a nit of a shock to the system. but by 15 mins I feel its a bit easier and that I'm making progress. I'm week 2 run 2 also.

Best of Luck and Keep it up.

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