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Week 2 Run 2 too slow?

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I’ve just completed W2R2. It feels ok, just the right level of challenge. But I have two problems. First, I don’t think I run at any pace at all, it does not feel faster, than walking. All the advice on this forum seem to warn you not to run too fast, but can you actually run too slow? The second thing is breathing. The podcast said breath in on 4 counts and breath out on 4. I tried to follow it, but get out of breath. I counted my breathing and I do 2 in, 2 out. However, I feel that I still have plenty of oxygen left and somehow reserve my breath, if breath like this. Should I try to start 4 count breathing? Thank you all here, it is a truly inspirational forum.

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Pretty sure you can’t run too slow. I regularly ‘run’ up hills next to people who are walking. I can almost hear you saying, ‘oh but that’s different!’ But it isn’t; it’s a mental attitude thing.

Can’t help you with the breathing thing I’m afraid.

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Hi Ankatrost, try to find a nice easy pace where you have a nice breathing rhythm....I personally use 2 in and a long breath out, works for me.

It’s all about completing the programme....the speed will come later 😊

Just remember if you’re getting short of breath i.e you can’t comfortably hold a conversation whilst jogging, you need to slow down. You’ll get stronger as you move through the programme....we’ve all been there, just have trust in it......and be positive 😊

Enjoy the experience 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Hi. I was given the advice to not worry about the breathing!... I was finding that if I tried to count my breaths then I speeded up and therefore couldn’t breathe as easily!!! Also, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth had the same effect. So, now I don’t even think about my breathing, I try to concentrate on my feet/slow pace and letting my mind wander whenever I get the chance. Hope this helps. Happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Liz x

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Ha, I asked this very question, here: bit.ly/2DBfZgy It spawned a very embarrassing poem from Oldfloss bit.ly/2DACkLm, some embarrassing replies, and an equally embarrassing post tackling the subject, with reference to my question - I can't find that ... probably just as well ;) I'm still squirming ;(

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Read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... it will answer many of your questions.

If you both feet simultaneously off the ground on every stride then you are running. Optimum for a new runner is as fast as you can go, but still be able hold a clear ungasping conversation. Any faster is too fast, slower will not maximise adaptation. That said, you may need to go slower to pace yourself for each step up of duration and also to make sure your muscles and bones are not being overworked. As you get fitter, this pace may increase.

Thank you. Read this, very useful.

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I’m having trouble with breathing too- definitely over thinking it!

So now I’m trying to concentrate on running like a sloth rather than my breathing!! I definitely walk faster than I run, but I never get out of breath walking!!

Good luck- I’m keeping positive that it’ll get easier because I’m definitely addicted already!!

No, no, no. None of that sloth nonsense. Run like a Loris!

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Until you find yourself going backwards there's no such thing as going too slow, unless you're trying to catch a bus or something.

As to the breathing, I do remember being completely flummoxed by that bit and like you settled for a 2/4 rather than a 4/4 tempo. Then I forgot all about it. They don't mention it again either.

When I asked my mentor if there was anything in particular I should be doing with regards to breathing when running, she said “yes, breathe in and breathe out”! So, that’s what I do!

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Love this post as I have walked in feeling exactly the same about running too slowly. Literally just back from w2r2 and enjoyed it but it didn’t feel like hard work. I know I’ve got to build up fitness levels yet but feel I could run more. But as a non-runner I guess that that’s the point and it’s not scaring me off. apart from tripping arse over tit flat as a pancake into mud. But nothing a shower can’t sort!

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I cant offer advice on breathing but I'm at same level as you and I also tried the 4 in 4 out - 1, its hard to actually count in your head when trying not to breath too often and 1, I can't do that - I'm probably 2 in 1.5 out - but I'm still alive and completed the 20 mins.

I don't think you can go too slow - as long as your heart rate is up and you have both feet off the ground then you are running in my book. Speed will come with time I guess. I'm luck to have a watch that links to an app that tells my my pace, distance and heart rate. I find it so useful, especially if you take the same route and compare runs to previous.

Keep it up and enjoy the running

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