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Recovering from Flu, Returning to Running!


I started week 4 and by run 2 I come down with the flu, with a mix of ear infections and throat infections and general tiredness. I've not been up to running at all and truthfully, I've missed it. However, the first run back after being poorly was hard.

But I finally finished week 4!

Today I ran week 4 run 3 and I'm feeling so good for it. It was hard to get dressed and prepare myself to go on this cold Friday morning but I did it and not for a second do I regret it.

It turns out, the little break also helped with shin splints that I had been struggling with since run 1. Today I ran pain free, just hoping this follows through for the week 5. Has anybody got any recommendations on how to prevent shin splints? I purchased new running trainers and they seem to have made massive improvements.

I've been enjoying couch to 5k so much that I've decided to challenge myself that little bit more and go for a 10k race for life in honour of a friend who sadly lost her life this year from a rare form of cancer. I feel like I'm achieving things I never thought I would, especially coming from no running experience at all. In fact, probably that slight phobia of exercise really haha! (Surely this can't just be me?).

Hope you're all enjoying your runs just as I am!

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I haven't been able to run for about 3 weeks with coughs colds etc. Still not back to it as still ill but started antibiotics yesterday so I am hoping it won't be long.

There are some good stretches you can do for shin splints, I started getting them and bought new trainers, compression sleeves for my calfs and always finish off a run with lots of stretches and have been okay since sticking to that.

Good luck with it!

The antibiotics should help, I've been on mine for 3 days and they've worked brilliantly. So full of energy again.

I have purchased new trainers but I think i'll give the compression sleeves a go next if they continue. Today's run wasn't too bad at all.

Hope you get back to your runs sooner rather than later, good luck to you too.

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Some cheap and good ones on eBay, they really help! I can't wait to feel better, it's been too long now, need to feel normal and do some running!

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