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Week 9 Run 2


Struggled yesterday but managed to finish by pure determination.

I wanted to give up but kept going. Think ive injured the back of my right knee.

Only one more run to go till graduation though and hopefully it will be ok for Saturday.

At the end of the day its not just one more run its a future of running twice a week and maybe I should have stopped.

Like it says there are good days and bad days and a bit of rest should get me back on my feet again lol

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Well done! Great to read your post for encouragement for myself.

Good luck with the final run.

Leg up and a cold pack of frozen peas or ice covered in a towel will help the back of the knee, whilst relaxing.


Well done on carrying on, you should be proud of such determination.

I had certain runs in weeks 6-8 that I wanted to stop. Just wasn't feeling it. Some runs were great, others seemed to drag, I was uncomfortable breathing wise and so on. But with determination I got through it.

i still can't believe that in just 9 weeks I've managed to go from no running at all to 30 mins running 😁


Get a good rest and keep warm. Hopefully you’ll be back to normal by Saturday. If you start to struggle, I offer my driving instructor’s all-purpose advice: When in doubt, slow down !

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