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10K for the first time


Hi all hope your couchto5ks are going well. 😀

I graduated last January on New Year’s Day. This was after years of inactivity, weight gain and being diagnosed with an enlarged heart. 11 months later I have just completed my first 10K and although not fast it was something that when the couchto5k journey began I thought I’d never achieve. Since Jan I’ve done loads of 5ks, a marathon in a week challenge and now this. To be honest it was the help and advice I got on this forum that got me through. I didn’t have an enlarged heart and I’ve lost a little bit of weight but more importantly I feel fitter and always try to do 3/4 runs a week. If you’re finding it tough believe me I did too, very at times, but that feeling you get from graduating and the health benefits are so worth it

Good luck all 👍🏼

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Brilliant..very well done you, and thank you for the positive post...

Congratulations on your first 10K... and what a great time you got... a bonus :)

Wishing you many more happy runs and maybe... pop across to Bridge to 10K now, and see what may come next???


Brilliant. Thanks for posting your great storu


Well done on your fantastic achievement 👍 my journey is very similar to yours from a complete beginner in October 2017 to a 10K program. Your story is very inspiring and will help many other people who are on this forum . Great time too 💪🏼

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