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Week 8 started!


It took a while! I’ve had to go longer since the last run than I’d intended but decided today that it had to be done. So off I went at 5pm in the pitch dark armed with high viz and my head torch.

I decided to go a little less far so used the whole of the rather convoluted road/estate I live on to take up extra distance so I’d avoid too long a run on an unlit road, which luckily, however, has a pavement most of the way to the next village!

All went well, though I forgot to start my Strava to get the details😏.

Added fun was being accompanied on the walking bit by my daft ginger cat (my avatar on this site, though I didn’t think he knew I’d picked him 😉 and I certainly wouldn’t mention to him that he’s there because he looks so laid back and lazy!)

Isn’t it strange how different a run feels when you change a route from one you are very familiar with - even comparatively slightly. I think it felt rather good, I wasn’t judging how far I’d got compared with other runs. I felt much more chilled and just into the activity for itself.

Maybe I’ll ring the changes next time too!

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Good run. Yeah, being relaxed is the key to enjoying this and that’s more important than any stat! Enjoy that next one.

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