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Ladies only post! Apologies boys


Any advice from seasoned female runners/mentors about running during my period.

I did w8r2 on weds and bloody struggled thought something felt off then thurs eve had Back ache and today Friday I came on

I don’t want to miss my run 3 today as I’m determined to not have it stop me.

Last month I struggled too.

What do the ladies out there do generally, rest? Or keep going?

I’m lucky to have light and short periods but have dreadful back ache before and during.

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Not a lady, but maybe something in there that will help.


Before I had my hysterectomy I had horribly long heavy periods. I would still run but had to plan accordingly (I had huge issues with flooding). Running may help a bit with your pain (the benefit of endorphins) but I wouldn't push the pace. Do what you can and don't fret if it isn't a great's still a run, even if it becomes a practice run.


I asked my sister the very same question when I started C25k! She said that she doesn’t always run on day 1 but I’ve tended to just keep going tbh. Usually feel exhausted the day before, so did postpone one run due to that total lack of energy. But after that, just kept going. I don’t suffer with backache like you do though. Just listen to your body - no point struggling through a run and being uncomfortable. There’s always another day. Happy running x

I usually just gauge how I feel. Sometimes my periods are worse than other times (horrible menstrual cramps, dizziness, etc.). If I'm really not feeling well, I'll sit it out. If it's just some mild discomfort, I'll still run. I do wear a tampon, not a pad, when I run because otherwise I chafe. Generally, even with bad periods, I find I only need to skip the first two days.

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