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W6 R1


Phew! Done and dusted but it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any easier! I appreciate that I’ve come a long way (no pun intended), I can’t imagine ever getting to the stage where I feel I can go on and in but maybe that will come. I have to keep the faith! It must be psychological as I was able to run the 20 minutes last week so can’t understand why this one didn’t feel easier. This was my first run with my first pair of real running shoes and that felt good,

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Week 6 run 1 catches out a lot of people after the continuous run of week 5 run 3. Take run 2 of week 6 slower, that way you should feel more confident and comfortable after the run.


It is your longest workout to date........well done......you will get there.


Great job... that is a tough set of intervals... enjoy the next one

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