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W7R3 complete!


The end is almost in sight, can't believe I'm running for 25 minutes now, would never have been able to a couple months ago! The one thing that bugs me is I always get a pain in the base of the back my legs (I think the achilles tendon?) which was particularly painful this morning, anyone got any tips to help with that?

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Well done on making it to Week 8! 😸

Firstly, make sure you do stretches very soon after your warm down walk.

Maintain a nice slow and steady pace when running.

Hydrate. Especially on rest day! It's easy to remember on the day of your run but you will benefit immensely from drinking water in between runs.

I'm reluctant to say anything specific on your pain in case it makes it worse so if stretching isn't relieving the pain then see your GP.


Great running... you got this.

I’m with Katnap on the pain... GP of physio if it doesn’t go.

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