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My Outdoor Debut - In the Dark!


Thanks to all the encouragement from you all, I managed to leave my garden and go onto the street for wk1r3. I had to get up at 5.30 to run before work and it was very dark. I tried to run in my garden but it was just too dark- I could've ended up in the pond! So it was either give up or get out .....

In my area, the street lights don't go on till 6am so it was dark and also it was bin day, so I had to dodge a few wheelies. But lots of porch security lights came on as I went past and that helped. I actually enjoyed looking up at the stars and then seeing the dawn arrive...

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Me too, I’m never normally up and out at that time, but I’m loving exploring sunrises 😊

OldflossAdministrator in reply to ItstheMarchHare

Best part of the day :)



Go you..out the dark.. running and ruling the waking world.

Huge well done you!!!

Have a great day!


Dawn is the best time to be outside... well done getting out there.

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