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A run of two halves


After a knee pain glitch which had paused my progress, I ran week 2 run 2 this morning. Knee held up well, although does feel a bit ‘clunky’ there is no pain. I know I will need new trainers soon. I dressed for the very cold weather of yesterday so was a bit warm but the last two runs were tough, especially the last: it took me ages to settle my breathing and now I feel a bit wheezy. However, the first half of the run felt really good, almost easy. I guess I may not have run slow enough in the first half, but I’m seeing it is all credit in the fitness bank 👍

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Well done! I've just done wk 1 run 3 but don't really feel ready for week 2

molly1973Graduate in reply to Marina999

I’m was surprised that it really wasn’t a problem: at least not for the lungs, anyway. You might surprise yourself, but I gather from posts on here that if you feel you need to repeat weeks, that’s fine. Posts also say trust in the plan! Enjoy it 👍

So difficult to know what to wear with the weather turning. I felt like I was running in a sauna yesterday!

molly1973Graduate in reply to BeckySharp1

Yes it was milder than I expected yesterday

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