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The Dreaded W5R3 - Sun Shines On The Righteous!

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Blimey! Here I am, still over 60, still over 18 stone, still had asthma since a wee boy, still had gout for much of this glorious Summer. But... I've just run for 20 minutes - and didn't cry once! πŸ˜ƒ Seriously, five weeks ago the concept of running for 90 seconds was utterly alien to me. And now I can at least envisage what running for 30 minutes might feel like! Best of all, I've done every metre on asphalt round beautiful Preston Park in Brighton in glorious early morning sunshine. Feeling pretty good! Total respect due to the Couch to 5K app and to the support and encouragement of a lot of lovely people. Without eithet of thesr elements, this would have been an utterly out of the question achievement. Total respect and thanks! πŸ‘

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Well done!

Take W6 steadily - it can catch people out. It’s not harder than the run you’ve just done, but it needs taking steadily and deserves respect.

Enjoy the runs to come.

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Thanks. Sound advice - and rest assured I won't be turning into a boy racer anytime soon. I take as my motto from Poppy, the giant model snail at the bottom of the park, placed there in support of the fantastic Martlets Hospice, and bearing the legend #bemoresnail 🐌

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Fantastic! I’m on week 5 too - will keep the mantra #bemoresnail in mind when I try run 3! 🐌

That's brilliant. Well done.

Keep that positive attitude going :-)

Thanks πŸ‘


Well done

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Great run. Now you know you can do this... 19 more minutes than when you looked at that 90 seconds with trepidation, and the next half of the programme only adds 10 more. You’ll start to feel the strength developing to go with the endurance soon too. Careful with the next run, it’s a tricky one, slow and steady and you’ll be just fine.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement, much appreciated

brilliant well done and good luck with weeks 6-9

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