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Week 8 in the bag!


I had *no* expectation of sticking with the programme this long (I didn’t even let myself buy decent trainers for quite a while as I was certain I’d quit!) but I’ve just finished Week 8 - and accidentally knocked a massive 14 seconds per km off my previous fastest average speed!! Not sure how that happened seeing as I’m a bit hung over, but I’ll take it...

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Well run BR. Your doing fab especially running with a hangover lol Keep hydrated. Water this time 🤣🤣👍🏻

Well done. I have my last run of week 8 tonight.

BargainRzlGraduate in reply to Bonsaiboy

Good luck! I did W9 R1 this morning (not hung over) and it felt good, though my pace was slower than my Speedy Gonzales W8 R3...

Bonsaiboy in reply to BargainRzl

Maybe you went slow as you knew you were running further?? anyway well done.

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