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Week 6 It’s in your head (mostly)


Run 1 was a bit harder than I thought it would be, having done 20 minutes on the last run of week 5. I’ve since found out that other people have said the same thing but I’ve tried not to read too many posts about the runs to come apart from the graduating ones which are so inspiring. All those messages of I-never-thought-I-could-do-it-but-I-did are just brilliant. I’m looking forward to writing the same in a few weeks.

Run 2 took place on a damp dreary morning and gave me the excuse to put on my new leggings, waterproof top and hat. I did look the part even if I still felt a bit of a fraud. The run went fine except at the end. I run in a park and I can now judge where to run to finish at the entrance, more or less. I had planned to put a little bit extra on the last run as I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Just as I came to the part where I was going to slow down however, a young lady runner approached and I couldn’t just collapse into a wheezing, gasping blob in front of her (especially in my new gear) so I manfully carried on until she was out of range. I didn’t overdo it but it taught me an important lesson when I thought about it afterwards: this is my journey not anyone else’s and I shouldn’t be afraid to stick to my schedule no matter who might be looking. Other runners are equally doing their own thing anyway.

Run 3 was the longest so far but I did it as I knew I could. It was damp and miserable and threatening rain but I just threatened it back and went out anyway. I had the full kit on again – leggings, long-sleeved top, running belt for my phone, cap and brand new running shoes. The leggings and top I got cheap in the sale at Lidl (thanks IannodaTruffe) but the shoes are the real deal. I had a gait analysis done and splashed out on a decent pair of shoes. I thoroughly recommend this. I don’t usually give a hoot about looking fashionable but because I looked like a runner I was motivated to act like one and I was determined to finish the run plus my usual little bit extra. It made me think how much of this running lark in in your head. There’s the doing it for yourself and not others that I mentioned earlier, and there are the little tricks to play that help you carry on, like looking the part and therefore acting the part and there are the little phrases in your head: I can do this, keep going, just to the end of this song or past that tree and so on. Best of all is the feeling of achievement I’m getting as I finish each week. I won’t feel like a real runner until I’ve done my 5k park run but at least now the voice in my head says that I can do it which is extraordinary considering what it was saying a few weeks ago.

Have a good week everyone and may all the voices in your head be positive ones!.

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Great job Poole... you got this... start drafting your graduation post!!!

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Thanks for your support!


Great post! Well done on your achievements and good luck for your graduation.

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Thank you!


This is so true Poole4752! I used to feel intimidated by ‘proper runners’ too. And I’ve had to fight the gremlins in my head (still do sometimes). But I graduated and so will you. Well done!

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Thank you!


Well done Poole4752. Carry on what you're doing and see you at the graduation ceremony! 😸

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Thank you!

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