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First run after tendon problem

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I was really scared to run today as I had a problem with my tendon last time. Now I’m not saying that I can relax yet as the pain came on slowly (a day after) the last time but so far so good. Also I’m running in some brand new very expensive running shoes and I have a blister -not happy! Worried I might have to take them back but hope not as I really love them otherwise. Is this a normal wearing in thing? Do I need different shoes/socks anything else?

The other thing I’m waiting to see about is whether I’ll need to do an extra run at 25 minutes this week (I’m on week 7 run 2). I took nearly two weeks off to recover so I wasn’t sure whether I’d have maintained my runnning fitness (I have been to the gym in between) but I took this run really slowly and it seems to be ok.

So for both things I’ll know tomorrow I suspect, fingers crossed that I’ll be ok to continue my progress.

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I’m no expert but others here are and I’m sure they’ll be along soon. In the meantime, look after yourself. Hope everything is fine soon !

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Welcome back... great job. Maybe running socks with those lovely new shoes and try again. Good to hear you haven’t lost fitness... here’s hoping you stay pain free.

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I think it’s a good thing that I weight train so my return wasn’t too much of a shock to my body although I did have a give that a rest (shorter) too

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