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W3 R1 complete.....but soooo hungry!


Absolutely chuffed to manage week 3 Run 2 with relative ease.

However I am usually and evening or weekend runner but today decided to set my alarm for 5am (I know!!) and do it before work.

The plus side was that I was wide awake and invigorated after the run. The not to good was that I have felt absolutely starving all day! Is that normal?

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I find the opposite after a run , while I’m hungry before hand the run suppresses my appetite....... maybe it’s the endorphins 🏃‍♀️

JaneyB311 in reply to Cuig1975

I was fine immediately after, and didn’t eat for around 2 hours, so maybe that’s the issue.


Did you eat breakfast after? If you did it may not be hunger as such and a small amount of protein could help.

My hat is off to you on the dedication front, 5am? You’re hooked! Great that not only did you do the step up this week it was easier than the last one... the fitness is kicking in. All round great job.

Thank you! Yes I had porridge and a banana for breakfast but not until I got to work, about 2 hours later. Perhaps I’d left it too long to eat?

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to JaneyB311

Possibly, but the hunger should have been satisfied. Little Miss UNM has a slice off a chicken breast after a run, we usually cook it before, and that seems to help her... she gets the rest after for dinner, so it’s not extra food, it’s just a small amount of protein that the muscles ask for. Apparently in the 20-60 minutes after exercise the muscles will take all the protein they can get for the rebuild and strengthening.

Woohoo, hello week 3!

Thirst can also mask as hunger, so make sure you're drinking plenty on running and non running days. :)

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