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I did it!!!

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I bloody did it, I was so worried! I thought I wouldn’t run the full 8minutes as I didn’t quite manage it with run 1, but I push through the aches and sores and I did it, I’m so happy with myself! Apparently my partner is coming with me Friday night, on the streets. He’s never ran in his life, he’s not over weight or anything, but he wants to see how it’s done! 🏃🏼‍♀️

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Excellent.... Well done you. I just wish I could get my wife in to running. She would walk anywhere, just not run

Iv never been a keen runner although in my school days, I ran 100m for the school team. So always been more short distance then long distance. Iv always thought about running but never had the guts to do it, but Iv lost a stone since then so boosted my confidence abit. I’m hoping this running thing will help me lose abit more.

Amazing Amylouise! :)

One tip from my experience with my hubby, who also isn't a runner, but is 11" taller than me, is let him know that whoever is slowest sets the pace! I tried to keep up with my hubby on a week 3 run back on my first c25k journey in the spring and pushed myself way too hard, my knees ached for days.

Thanks, Iv already told him I’m not going for a mad run, a gentle jog is my way to go! He’s a smoker, although he’s been vaping for just over a year, so i think he won’t be able to breathe as well as me 😂🙈 xx

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There are many here on C25K that run with there partners, just yesterday a father and his daughter completed W9R3 together on their graduation run. You get your partner on Friday to complete the whole course of 9 weeks on C25K together.


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Amylouise2205 in reply to AlMorr

I doubt my partner will stick to it, he works away a lot and barely has time to eat whilst away never mind continue to run. Maybe he’ll just join me on my Friday runs when he’s back.

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Very well done. Show him how it’s done on Friday and put him into the plan the right way, slow and steady... sounds like you’ll have a fun session.

Well I don’t think he will be carrying on with the programme I just think he wants to keep me company although I will have my head phones on so not much point 🤣 will see how we go.

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