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Nearly there!

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In week 9! Never thought I'd learn to run at the tender age of 60. Final run tomorrow. Run 1 W9 went well. Did it early morning. Was cool and crisp and took a well known route. R2W9 was total opposite. Decided to run home from my local mall on canal towpath . Run was at midday and it was hot! Did 30 mins running but felt totally wiped out. Is this normal? Also am still dreadfully slow. Put this down to age and inexperience but am believing I will get better.

Really enjoyed the app and Sarah's dulcit tones have motivated me no end. Thanks to all you bloggers as your posts have inspired me. They are my daily read!

Keep up the good work!

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Way to go.

Increases in temperature or humidity will make a run harder... and as we are just 30 minute runners that makes it a struggle to finish, so yeah I’d say it was normal... you completed it... one to go... enjoy!

Woohoo... so close you can almost see that Graduate badge behind your name!

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