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Week4Run3 . What’s gone wrong??

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Hi . This is my first post . I’ve been progressing well with my runs and even though I’ve been finding it tough, I’ve been enjoying the challenge and the sense of achievement. I’ve been encouraged by other peoples posts and tips.

I had a bit of niggly back lower pain, before I started the run, but that’s nothing new to me . A result of years of lifting as a nurse . It usually gets better if I keep moving and try not to tense up.

I ran initially on tarmac on my local park and then as this was uncomfortable, I switched to running on the grass. This was fine until I got home but I’ve had sciatic pain on one side since.

That was 2 days ago. Wasn’t able to go out today as it’s too painful 😖.

Not sure what to do now as I’m keen to keep going but don’t want to make things worse.

Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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If it's that painful then you should see a sports physio. But in the long term you should do pilates and/or yoga but Pilates is brilliant for working on your core which supports the back. Or, do your own core strengthening exercises, just look for YouTube examples.

If you've been diagnosed with sciatica then you probably need to take things easy and not make it worse by stretching. Otherwise, stretch the glutes, hamstrings, quads and foam roll these areas too.

Have you got proper shoes?

Hi thanks for your advice. I’m away for a long weekend in Whitby at the moment which Is very hilly , so no running. Not that I could at present!

Im just trying to keep moving. I’ll be able to sort out some physio when I get home tomorrow.

My shoes are running trainers . Bought by default really as they were just a great fit when I needed some all purpose shoes for the gym.

I haven’t done Pilates for a couple of years but could get back into that . Good idea .

I’ll let you know how I get on.


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