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On the injury couch 😩


Took part in my second park run yesterday - was going really well but then I started to get a niggly pain in my hip/top of my thigh. I carried on but it got worse so I stopped at 4.5k. Today it’s agony - can hardly put any weight on that side and climbing stairs is a challenge! I think I’ve pulled a muscle or strained it ... any tips on recovery lovely people? I’m signed up for a 5k charity run at the end of October so need to get back to training soon!

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This is your basic guide to injuries nhs.uk/conditions/sports-in...

Rest is the most important and now maybe you will be more cautious about pushing on while in pain...........listen to your body.

Take care.

JacquiAMGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you - yes, very silly of me .... I’ve learnt my lesson!

Hi. I had what sounds like exactly the same thing. Week 9 and it came out of the blue. After some rest it still wasn't any better and a friend who is a long time runner suggested I might need to see a physio. After a very painful sports to release the fibres at the back of my hip and another week of rest, I'm back to normal. My first run was a slow short one just to test it out but yesterday I did my first 5k. It may be that you need to see a professional to help but it worked for me. That and lots and lots of stretches. Good luck

JacquiAMGraduate in reply to KindleReader

Thank you. It feels a lot better today but will rest it for a week or so, with just some walking to keep mobile! If it doesn’t improve I will certainly consult a professional.

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