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Running rollercoaster

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It was only this last weekend that I realised the last time I went for a run before starting c25k was 18yrs ago, and I struggled back then! It's not that I'm terribly unfit, I walk & cycle loads (not enough to stop me gaining 2-3 unwanted stones in weight), I'm just not run fit, never have been! So I'm loving this as a personal challenge. I'm taking the wise advice from you all & have slowed right down as that seems to be the most common issue! Just done W4R1 and was slow impressed with my breathing & recovery. I feel like I've made massive progress already. I do however struggle with my lower legs, it's not the like pain that feels like an injury, just the kind where you want to stop..... Is this common? Just push on thru?

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I got some tightening in the calf muscles after a walk break, and for me that was not walking quickly enough and so cooling the muscles... last couple of intervals I was walk fast, run slow, and it was much better.

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That's nothing, 18 years since you last ran, that is yesterday compared to some people here on C25K, Before I began C25K it was 56 years since I last ran at school. When I restarted running just short of my 72nd birthday, I graduated 3 weeks after that. not to say that I didn't do any exercise, I have been a cyclist and like going long walks since I was 7 years of age, however, I just did not like running despite winning several races when I was at Primary School. Since I graduated with week 9 run 3 I have continued running several times a week. I had a slight injury on my hip about two months ago. For the last three weeks I have reran some of the weeks, I reran w6r2 this morning, everything was OK, however, I walked the middle part for 5 minutes instead of the 3 minutes that you are supposed to do it in, I will repeat W6R2 on Wednesday with only the 3-minute walk as required.

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uncle_wiggyGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Well to me 18yrs felt like a long time, but you're post is still impressive. As many people on here, everyone's journey is personal to them, we need only to compete with ourselves to become the best that we can be 😁👍

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to uncle_wiggy

Thank you for your comment, a little change, tomorrow,( if it's not blowing 70mph winds as the forecast for this area has just been issued, Storm Ali) I will run week 5 run 2, not week 6 run 2.

Brilliant you’re back out there enjoying this wonderful programme! It’s magic and makes runners of virtually everyone who gives it a go!

Like you, I was relatively fit and very active, just not a runner. Now I am! Running 5k is fun. Who knew? 😀🏃‍♀️👍

As regards your legs, I get that too sometimes. Mostly when running uphill, it feels like they just want to stop but I don’t let them. It’s getting better, and it’s just miles under the belt which helps I guess.

Have fun on the programme, and report back to us often with your progress. You’ve got this! 👏👏

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uncle_wiggyGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Generally speaking I have never taken part in any form of social media as it always feels more negative than positive, but I'm gaining so much from this group. Whether it's newbies or graduates, all of us have lows and highs. On here tho, there is always someone on here to either support, advise or share your celebration. You're right..... Who knew?..... On so many levels! Thank-you.... 👌👍🤩

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cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to uncle_wiggy

I agree about social media, but this forum is amazing. I used to partake in another sport/pastime, but I stopped interacting on the forum because of the sheer b*tchiness and negativity of the posts. Newbies being ridiculed, the know-it-alls preaching to everyone else, not to mention the trolls who found it hysterical to whip up an argument. Horrible atmosphere. 👎

I love it here. It’s helped my running journey no end, and I love to pass on what I learned. So glad you’re finding it helpful too! 👍 Happy running. 😀😀

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I can sympathize with calf discomfort! As a certified hill addict, I tend to get this quite often, but I ask myself: who's in charge? Me or those weedy little things below my knees? Me! I just run on and ignore them, maybe insulting them in my head, and furrowing my handsome, noble brow before heroically running on. (Did I mention I have a large ego? I've earned it. 😂)

And yeah, social media can be a problem. For me, it's negativity. Someone's negative and that immediately flips my switches and I tend to become very 'dont like it? Leave then.' and tell them so! Maybe not the best response, but my mum always told me to be myself! For the most part though, you have to realise that the difference between a newbie and a graduate is only a shade more than two months. Everyone knows how to work for something they want, so if you want it, stick with the program, enjoy the runs and savour the victory whilst posting a daft picture when you graduate. Well all hop on the post and congratulate you!

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