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Never thought i’d be doing this!


Hi. I’m about the last person you’d ever imagine doing something like this.

I have always hated any kind of endurance running, but I’m 37 and my fitness levels were , well, not good.

So I decided to try couch to 5k.

It’s been hard work but I’ve just completed week 6. Tonight I just ran about 4K in 25 mins. I can already feel the difference in my overall fitness, muscle tone, energy levels.

This is such a great program!

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Great job... this programme certainly changes the body fast. I’m not long back from the same run... let’s go kick week 7s butt.


Well done and keep it up.


Well done, and there is so much more to come!

I know what you mean. I am as incredulous as you- right there at the end of the queue with you: NEVER thought i would voluntarily subject myself to running! And here i am, depply thankful for this amazing program that has changed my life and outlook on things. Especially the hard ones!!!

Good luck on the rest of your runs. Your time/ distance is very good! You are almost there!!!

Geordiesteve in reply to Mayanow

Thank you!


Well done Steve, that's brilliant - I'm really looking forward to reaching you current fitness level and being able to run for 25 minutes... Just a few more weeks! Good work.

Geordiesteve in reply to Hidden

Go for it. Just take your time. Also don’t be afraid of repeating a run if you think you need it. I’ve done that a couple of times.

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