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A little motivation from my four legged friend


Good morning runners!

So I may have celebrated my 2.5lb weight loss at slimming world by having a couple of red wines last night (this is my confession!).

So with a muzzy head this morning the last thing I fancied was a run, but taking my sausage dog Tutti with me was just the motivation I needed.

She kept my mind off running and I did it!

I made iT-BRING ON WEEK 3!

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Well done!!! My dog dragged me out this morning too. Great motivation. My dog and I are starting wk 3 too. Good luck!


Great job... Tutti doesn’t even look out of breath. Nice job on SW, and another week down... enjoy the next one


Fantastic Sausagedog!! You’re doing brilliantly! Those completed runs when you didn’t want to run give you the best feeling!! Great achievement!! Keep going you can do this!! 😁😍❤️


I love following the dog-runners at Parkrun. I usually accuse them of cheating by having the pooch pull them up the hill. Of course, I realise that the dog probably is more of a liability than a help, especially if they smell something just over there.....

Ya, and I had a glass of wine this evening, and Parkrun is tomorrow....

Week 3 will be awesome. ❤👍👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

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