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I find running helps me mentally


I unfortunately (like many), suffer from stress and anxiety, often bordering on depression. I have my own business in a very stressful sector and find it very difficult to relax and unwind.

Someone told me that exercise and in particular running can help which is why I started out on C2 5K almost 7 weeks ago. I still get stressed and occasionally anxiety/panic attacks but I can confirm that running lifts my mood as soon as I complete my run and certainly during the run I find it makes me forget all my worries.

I intend to make sure to stick at this running as it is really helping to make me a happier and more chilled person.

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Completely with you on this!

The more you exercise the more you realise how important it is to your health and well-being.

Really glad you’re getting the emotional benefits as well as the physical.


Great to hear that it’s having a big effect. The combination of taking time out and those endorphins kicking in really is a boost.

That's so good to hear! I feel the same, running totally clears my head and helps me manage my stress. Take care!


Huge well done.. the benefits of this running are many... and many, many of us have found that the mental benefits equal the physical ones...relax, and enjoy.. run and let those stresses and strains float away behind you!


It is great isn't it?

More than 95% of respondents to this poll healthunlocked.com/couchto5... agree with you!

Keep running, keep smiling.


It's great to read that like many of us, you are feeling the positive impact of running on your mental health. I have also suffered with anxiety on and off throughout my life - running has made a huge difference to my ability to mange this. I am a much happier person with running in my life (as my family are a little too quick to tell me!😉) and hate it if I can't run for any reason! This programme is a great way to make a really positive life change that will hopefully help you for many years to come... and this forum (along with Bridge to 10k/Marathon running and race support) a great place to come to share the journey! Good luck with the rest of the programme.🙂


You guys are brilliant and it’s good to know that I/we are not alone and all benefitting in so many ways from this great programme and exercise.


Running has played a huge role is managing my stress. I can tell when I haven't been able to run, as can my family 😠 and does wonders to lift my mood. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful as well.

Running has helped me with my health anxiety, I couldn’t do without it now. It increases Seratonin levels which is brilliant for me. Keep going and keep benefitting.

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