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Anyone had any issues with the app


Ok so I've finished all of week 3 training ...the first week coaching was great worked well with my music...told me when I needed to start running I'm on week 2 it's stopped cuts out and I have to keep going back into the app to start it up's v frustrating...I need my music to run and a voice to tell me when my intervals stop and start...anyone experienced this?

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I have had no problems with the app, yesterday I repeated R1W3, when I switched on my phone I had music accompanying me for 16 of the 21 minutes I was running despite the fact that I am offline and had the roaming part of my phone switched off as well, strange things do happen.

I had problems with mine when I stopped to take photos, the app stopped too. A couple of other times it just stopped for no apparent reason. Make sure you have no other apps running that might compete with it. Otherwise you could try the podcasts instead (no choice of trainer but otherwise the same).


Still having these problems too. Have uninstalled and installed app and that hasn't helped. Going to try the podcast suggestion tomorrow.

Thanks for all the feedback, I tried the podcast but I desperately need my music to run, I've had to opt for a different app now because of this, shame really.

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