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Run One


Ok my first session went very well and did'nt feel too knackered at the end of it which is more than can be said for the pooch; going for the second one today looking to do 4 or 5 first week see if I can loose some of the weight quicker.

Now off to the states on Tuesday for two weeks there's a boxer (dog) there waiting to be given proper walks sadly my pooch will get somewhat neglected whilst i'm away in the walks dept.

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Well done on getting started. But don’t try to do four or five runs in a week. You won’t lose weight quicker, you’ll just get injured and not be able to run. ALWAYS take a non-running day between runs until youve been running a year or so. Stick to the programme, it’s designed the way it is for a reason.


Brilliant well done for starting. ArthurJG is absolutely right. Do not exceed the runs in the programme. Fatigue and injury from fatigue are the main reasons people stop or cannot complete the programme. Slow and steady, build up the time and distance. Have fitness as your goal, not weight loss. You'll lose weight in time. Good luck, you can do it

Welcome. As has been said do not think of running so frequently, it will quite possibly, even probably, end in tears - and you won’t lose weight any quicker. See the link below for how, and why, to do this - and you won’t look back.

The weight will go but not overnight. A good diet plays a big part in losing weight. What you will find though is that your body will change shape quite quickly. So measure everywhere - not just the usual places include unusual ones like neck, wrist, knees. When the scales don’t move, the measurements often do - all helps with motivation.

Good Luck with getting healthier and fitter - you won’t regret it.


I definitely would not run that often. For the reasons given so far as well as what my reason would be. I’d get sick of running and would give up and say running just isn’t my thing. The fact that your first session went well is great - rest up your body and give it a chance. I haven’t lost weight but my body has definitely changed shape for the better (I think). If you’ve got weight to lose then lose it you will as long as you don’t think ‘ I can have a plate of chips because I ran today’ which is a very easy thought to have 🙄 You’re going away on holiday too so be flexible. I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Enjoy your running!


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started and enthusiasm, but the others are correct, you need a rest day between runs, as a new runner, or injury will likely call on you.

All you need to know to get started is in the guide to the plan linked to by AnnieW55

Take care and enjoy your journey.

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