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starting a run is the hardest

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completed week 6 today .a 25m run...hard but I know I could carry on ..its starting the run that I find the hardest ..I lack any sort of rhythm , just plod along awkwardly with a head full of negative thoughts, thinking people are laughing at my funny running ,or my mind telling me I am going to quit before the end ..but I fight it and as time goes on ,I find myself running less awkwardly .

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Well done. Another run down. Focus the negatives out... try the headspace app... clear that mind.

Sounds like the notorious Toxic 10 is playing mind games with you! There’s all sorts of scientific explanation out there, but basically your body is adjusting itself and its oxygen levels, and the gremlins come out to play. Slay them. They’re not welcome.

The fact that you find it easier after a while means you’re winning that battle, so well done! 👏👏

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Well done you... get yourself, your own toxic ten ( the beginning of a run) time mantra... many folk make up their own...Mine, as you may have guessed is the one for which I am infamous for on here.. "Slow and steady" ! If I am struggling that is in my head, over and over as I move on and look around...other folk... " I can do this, I can do this... I am awesome, I am awesome" :)

Make up rhymes, take everything in... make up names for the folk you pass...basically, just chill and go with the flow.

These longer runs are perfect for relaxing into, so you have time to take the world in and have fun.

Start slow stay slow...let the new running legs find their own happy pace:)

You're doing wonderfully! Be proud!

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You might need more than five mins warm up. I take ages to get going so I do an extended warm up. Longer cool down too. We’re all different 🙂

I feel strange when I first start running but it sorts itself out. Just go very steadily. No need to hurry

When you graduate and listen to Led zep you’ll be able tofind your run rhythm

Quite a few running to Zep hereabouts, me included 😃

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