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W5R3 completed

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After retiring at 8.30pm last night (normally midnight!) woke at 4.30am so decided to watch the dawn breaking with a morning run. Took Laura’s advice and started off slowly. Disappointed when she announced I’d run for 5mins as felt like 10 so extended my proposed running route. Dropped down to Clevedon pier then regretted it as turned up the steep incline but managed to keep going as Laura declared I only had 2mins remaining. Very pleased with myself & ready for the day ahead

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Well done on completing that milestone run! And what a lovely time of day to do it. I’m not too far from you either! 😀

Read all the posts on W6. The first two runs kook innocuous, but they’re not to be taken lightly. They pack a punch!

But you’ll be fine if you can tackle thos Clevedon hills, so have fun! 👏👏😀😀

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Huge well done... Move on gently to Week 6... all the runs are different.. ( they have to be, else there would be no point to the plan :)) But you are ready for each and every one... all to be anticipated and no need for apprehension :)

Great start to your day...have a good one:)

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Vegout25Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss

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