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W1R2 with NRC+ & Headspace

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Evening runners,

Today I did my run with Nike+ Run Club. I also had C25K in the background to tell me when to run and when to job - I'm using simple app with a tone and short sentence 'You are on run 3 of 8' kind of thing.

I've chosen 'Run with Headspace', which occurred to be 30-minute recovery run in kind of a podcast. Well, I liked it and not liked it. I am not the fun of podcast combined with time of silence when I'm running. I liked the part of being aware and run easy, reduce the effort a little to feel lighter. I didn't like when I was told not to think about something. You know what you do when someone is saying to you 'Don't think about red elephant'? Exactly! But in total - it was good :)

Next time I'll try 'Mindful miles' or 'End of day run with Headspace', unless it will be in the morning then 'Morning run with Headspace' ;)

My experience apart from NRC+ was challenging. My mind wander, my legs felt heavy (especially during second half of the run), my breathing was a bit off. But you know what? I DID IT!!! My stress level was and still is much smaller. I felt strong and accomplished.

It is not easy, but it is worth it!

Happy running!

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Sounds good. I like the idea of an app that coaches you. I use my garmin for my intervals, I get a little buzz on my wrist and it flashes when to change In Big letters that I can see without my glasses. 😀

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