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Never give up!


So I am struggling - my fibromyalgia has flared up badly - I was still desperately trying to run as I am now a ‘runner’ but it was just making me feel awful - last Wednesday I did a walk/ run and then it dawned on me -what was I doing? every part of my body was screaming you can’t run right now but I hadn’t been listening as I was determined to stay a runner after graduation! I was scared of defeat and giving in but then after a long conversation with my bestie on a night out it hit me like a flash of the blinding obvious - don’t force your body to do what it doesn’t want to do - adapt! So my lovely partner agreed to walk with me 3 times a week - great plan- so running gear on off we set with the said faithful partner acting as PT and boy did we walk!! I was thinking we would just walk around the park but oh no we went down dale and up hill (well steep steps actually) ,1 circuit I thought but oh no 3 circuits and 6km later he said we could go home!! I ran bits of it in short bursts and my butt definitely felt it had worked out! 😆 my new Fitbit told me that I was in the cardio zone too 👍 and I was less breathless than PT! and am now committed to 3 times a week! - it just shows you that you can work around anything if you put your mind to it!! At the moment I can cycle and walk and run in short bursts but that’s ok it’s about KEEPING GOING and who knows what the future holds! All you need is determination and commitment 😃👏🏃‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️

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Congratulations on your workaround. Inspirational.


That’s the way. Nothing is impossible, and you’re a great role model for us all.


You are amazing 🙂

What an uplifting post, that's really well done pancakes, you've found a away to wriggle past the obstacles in your way, and keep going! This running bug is a funny thing, once it's got us, it doesn't let us go. Now you've found a way to keep going, listen to your body, and hopefully you'll be back running before you know it. You runner, you!


Brilliant, wish I had your mindset and determination

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