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Progress - running outside!

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So aside from 1 run I completed couch to 5k on the dreadmill in the gym. Since graduation I got the great suggestion on here to do it again and instead of walking, run at a slower pace, and then speed up for the running sections.. I'm on week 2 with that and am enjoying it :) Anyway, I've only ran outside once, I'm really self conscious, and don't know anywhere nearby suitable to run. I also have a dodgy ankle so am wary of different surfaces. I was gonna go the gym after work tonight but finished late and really wasn't feeling it, so came up with the plan to run home. I've walked it before (2.5 miles) so I knew it was fairly flat... I walked the first mile or so to get away from people (lol) and then started running... I was so pleased when I made it home! I only ran for about 18 minutes, but it's a big boost for me... I also had a small rucksack with my work clothes in... A delivery driver going past commented on how heavy it looked... It wasn't at all, its just the slow pace that I run at making it look heavy haha! Anyway, hopefully I will be brave enough to venture outside again soon :) it was nice and sunny too which made it all the better!

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Way to go... welcome to the outdoors. Now you’ve been seen, you can’t take that back, so nothing to fear any more!

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I haven’t run inside yet. I got over being embarrassed because I think to myself if you don’t run you cannot judge me and if you can run you must be amazed that I can too! 🤣

Great idea, well done. And we're coming into autumn which is just fabulous when we run outside because we're in it 🤗

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