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Week 3 run 2 - new shoes!


Hey all, first post. Didn't want to get involved until I knew this wasn't just a passing fad! Got myself some decent Under Armour running shoes to replace the old Gola trainers I was using, and I can't believe the difference! I ended all of my previous runs doing circuits of a local football pitch because of shin pain, but yesterday I stayed on tarmac all the way and felt good! The route I took this time had a fairly large hill right near the end of the final 3 minute run which very nearly wrote me off. Stuck with it and felt great afterwards though! To anyone struggling with pain, get yourself some decent trainers, it's the best investment I've made

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Well done you.. slow and steady does it..in those sassy new shoes:)


I’d be running up that road

Be running up that hill

With no problems... Kate Bush

Well done... you’re on it.

I concur!! Not the most expensive but the ones that are right for you. Decathlon do some decent running shoes

ps* ( I am not paid to say this) No connection with Decathalon.

We just got a new Decathlon in Telford. There's some really good quality gear in there and it's so cheap! Just shows that we pay for a label most of the time when it comes to sports gear. I got some Under Armour running shoes reduced to 18 quid at Sports Direct, loves me a bargain!

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