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W6R2 done... Knackered


Hi there running chums! Just did W6R2 and am sitting here with a glass of water, knackered. Beautiful view, lovely weather, a wonderful day stretching out before me and I just wish I was home, running on those lovely flat pavements and along the promenade.

Seriously, I am really worried about the longer runs here. So far (and against my expectations) I have more or less kept up with the programme; generally one day running, one rest day, as far as travelling allowed but because of the hills, the road surface and the barky dogs I am just running back and forth along the same few hundred yards of road. I'm not sure I can sustain the longer runs on this little bit.

I did W5R3 just oscillating back and to, and I guess W6R3 is just a bit further. Oh, and I've just checked W7; that's just the same thing! Well, I guess I'll just have to give it a go then!

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Well done, it’s harder when the surroundings are so different, but you’re making the best of it and completing those runs. You’re doing great and into the long runs. You’ll get a big boost when you get home too. Happy running.

That's great! Must be hard running away from home, brilliant keeping going with it!


Keep it up! You're doing great. My greatest problem is finding different routes to stave off boredom, although I find the time does go quickly. And, I avoid long stretches where I can't see the end of the road. It's a battle of will at times, haha.


I’m sure you will get to the end of it. We’re running for longer now and it would take it out on our bodies . I’m about to start week 6.

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