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Well yesterday started really badly but ended up shattered but on a high!!

I woke up initially at my alarm at 4.50am as i had planned to do my run before i left for work so i could shower after rather than just a catlick in the loos at work as is normal. Well i woke to a dehydration headache in my sinuses and turned over and went back to sleep after a drink for an hour trying to sleep it off. Only to be woken by my partner moaning that is was late getting up. I wasnt as such just hes hates being late for anything and if he is less than 15 mins early ge classes it as late!

The drive to work was horrible too. Many slow bad drivers on the road and my head still wasnt right. Im glad id decided to out the run back until Thursday (today!)

Well after a day of drink lots of water and tea i decided half way home to run my session when i got home. I am so glad i did because i got a route PB ok it waso ly 6 seconds but ill take it AND that was with the wind in my face for the whole way out to the turn around point. I also got my fastest mile this year too.

Like i said shattered but elated!!

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Sorry you didn’t feel well when you got up but it sounds like you made the right decision. Well done on your run.

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