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Jo Whiley makes it so much fun


Finished week 4 today and getting ready for week 5 over the weekend. Love listening to jo’s remarks. She makes it so much more fun. Running for 5 minutes feels great but feeling slightly weary of running further next weeks. I am also doing the 5:2 diet and I’m running on my fasting days and I feel like I’m struggling on my second fasting day when I go running. Maybe i ought to be running on the Non fasting days but that’s when I have more free time in the evenings. I can’t bring myself to run early mornings before work. Can’t face it thinking of the working day ahead. That’s all for now :)

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Jo has the sexiest voice ever !!.

Me and my boyfriend did the 5/2 diet for a couple of years , in the end I had to give it up as it made me very grumpy and tired . I then joined slimming world which i lost over three stone with. I eat plenty and feel great.

Good luck on both running and losing weight xx

Thank you Deborah. I like the fact that I can drink and eat on the non fasting days but I do get grumpy and tired too as I do the fasting days in 2 consecutive days too. I ll look into slimming world too. Thank you and good luck to you too 😊xx

Deborahchick46Graduate in reply to pavlitosfr

Thank you 😊

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