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W5R3 in a different location


So I’m off to London tomorrow for a few days and was getting anxious about where to run on Friday morning. Don’t want lots of roads/traffic lights/walking commuters to deal with.

Decided to get organised and check out my location before I leave. Looks like St James Park is about a 20 min walk away so I’ll be strolling along to there to take my run. I’m a bit nervous about the massive jump to 20 min run and being in unfamiliar surroundings. Assuming I’m not still recovering from the night before I’ll be giving it my best shot 🤪😫

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Sounds strange, but you'll probably enjoy settling into a nice rhythm. Take it as slow as you like... it's an amazing feeling when you've done that first 20-minuter :)


St James park around the lake should be fine - you'll see lots of other runners too. Good luck!


We can compare notes, I have my w5r3 tomorrow. Am actually looking forward to the challenge!

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