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Organised? Me? No!


So on Monday I did W5R3. I thought I'd 'map my run' for the first time. I drove to the parkland where I do my runs and decided to set everything up there. First hitch - discovered I didn't have Map my Run, so while resting my phone on the top of a cone I downloaded Strava. Clicked on c25K and couldn't believe it when Jo Whiley said I was going to run for 20 minutes! Decided I'd switch on my music after 4 minutes of my warm up walk - don't want to 'waste' the good tunes while I'm walking. I'll need them for the run. Then mad panic when she came in early to say it was almost time to start. Shoved my phone in to my bum bag and off I went. After about 20 seconds I realised - no music! Phone out of bum bag, music on, phone back in to bum bag. Not the best way to start my first 20 minute run. The weather was cool and bright. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl, then Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson and so it went on. Up tempo music and that was me! Had to stop to open and close a gate a couple of times so I added 20 seconds on at the end but overall I cracked that nut! Felt great afterwards and for the rest of the day. Started getting butterflies though wondering what the next run's going to be. Does anyone else get 'nervous' before their run? Any suggestions for up tempo music🤔Please take in to consideration I'm in my late 50's!

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I was nervous before every run up to about the end of week 8. I think by then I'd convinced myself I could run a bit. Anyhow, W5R3 is a milestone in the C25K programme, and it sounds like you smashed it despite all the tech problems, so well done and good luck!


Well done for cracking the 20 minute run 👍👍👍

I always pick a 5 minute tune to fill the warm up walk time, Steely Dans "Do it again" lasts just over which gives me time to get out of the front door, start Runkeeper and then C25k. Good luck for week 6, don't overcook run 1 it catches lots of people out.

59erGraduate in reply to sparkyjohn

Thanks! I’m going to give Steely a try 😀


Sorry I didn't mean to post twice, it's not that important 👎

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