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Hi, I have just downloaded C25K.... I’m very very nervous. Whilst I am slim, I am very unfit and feeling my age! Any words of wisdom for me?

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Follow the plan, hydrate well, don’t go too fast, don’t run on rest days, stay loose on most rest days. Trust the plan and relax.

Edit: and welcome!

Thank you! I’m intending on starting tonight


Go for it! You’ll be fine 💪🏻


And also keep posting... there will be loads of advice and positive support on offer!


Take it steady although I’m a bit of a walker this has really taken some doing x


Well done! You won’t regret it. Don’t be surprised if you struggle on the 1 min runs. I did. Don’t be surprised if you ache all over tomorrow. I did that too. Lots of great advice via this forum. Take it easy, run for time not speed or distance and don’t skip the rest days. Oh and don’t run too far in crap trainers (if you have nice runners already that’s great) If you haven’t you might want to treat yourself to some by w3/4 as you need to take care of your feet. Good luck and enjoy the plan!


I struggled to run for 1 minute so don’t worry if you find it hard going! I am about to start week 9. I ruptured my Achilles in April of last year and getting back to this point has been hard work so if I can do it anyone can! Take it nice and slow and even if you hate running to start with I can tell you that in a few weeks time you may even start to enjoy it!!

Yes agree with all above. For me it was: Very sore day after first run, little bit after second. 60 seconds seems like they’re getting longer. Felt better almost immediately after first run despite aches and pains. I’m about to start week 8 and have found every run a challenge to complete but I have completed them and feel good as a result. As said above, take it slow and trust the program, it works.


Go for it. You’ll love the programme. I’m sticking exactly to the programme and loving it so far. Good luck 😁


Just go with it. Relax and you’ll enjoy it. Jo helped me through it all. 9 week’s will fly by and you’ll be a runner!

To be honest, on my first week, every minute running seemed like an hour. I cursed my way through the programme and swore blind "Never again, no chance, no way" but I've just started week two, running in the rain, and it felt great. I know there will be good days and bad days, but now I've started, I want to finish the programme. Just remember you are not running against the clock or trying to run a particular distance, speed and distance will improve naturally.


Well done! It’s really fab the one thing I do notice for me is stretching before and after warm up and down walks

It’s just something which helps me my hubby just does the walks and he’s fine.

Keep us posted and trust your body

Some days you’ll feel better than others but believe me this programme works

I never ever ran and I mean never! Today I did 4K and felt great, I’m actually a runner lol🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

Thank you all so much for your encouragement! I did it , it was awful to be honest! Just goes to show I may be slim but I’m certainly not fit! Hopefully the next one will be better 😁

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Well done! Check my other comment for the FAQ written by the excellent mentor IannodaTruffe


Oooh hi no-one yet posted the FAQ? There's a big FAQ with loads of great info and links to more bits and pieces here:

If you think you are unfit, when I started regular exercise as an adult I was so unfit I couldn't do some basic yoga poses and I ached like hell the days after. I am also not overweight - I would accurately have been described as 'weedy'. But now I run regularly and I impress myself with my yoga ability 😀🏃💪 (ok I'm not strong, but I'm so much stronger than I ever have been).


Welcome! No words of wisdom apart from believe in the plan and believe in yourself! Seriously, sometimes you’ll think it’s nuts, but it works. Thousands of us have done it. In April I really was a couch potato, now I’m through the 5k barrier and building towards 10. I’m in my mid 50s, an ex smoker and I’ve done no exercise since school. Take it slowly, speed will come later. The running bug will probably bite you, and you’ll find yourself looking at trainers, running gear and expensive techy watches. Lots of fun and shopping too! Good luck with your running. Stay in touch with this forum, everyone on here is supportive and someone will be going through the same stuff as you at the same time. Enjoy. 🏃‍♀️😊


I am 49, 20 years sitting behind a desk and could shed a few (well a lot of) pounds. I’ve done it...!! If I can, anyone can!

It’s not easy and some days you’ll wonder why you did it. You’ll only feel it during the run, but sense of achievement after the run regardless of the Week is fantastic. Don’t forget you’re not competing against anyone, it’s just your personal goals. Take your time... if it takes 18 weeks to complete that’s ok!

Good luck and enjoy the post run highs.

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