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Can my timing be out??????


I graduated a month ago and set the alarm in my phone for 30 mins so I had a marker as i don't like running with my phone. So this morning I decided to time myself to see if there had been any improvement. According to my phone, I have improved by 3 minutes. Now I find this very hard to believe as I am still shuffling along at a snail's pace. Does anyone think that this is at all possible or should I just accept that there was a fault on my phone. I could have accepted an improvement of 1 minute but 3??????

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That's a coincidence. I have a route that I regularly run, and since I first ran it I have improved by - 3 minutes! So yes, it’s entirely believable. I graduated 2 weeks ago.


No, you definitely improved by 3 minutes x

It could be right, with graduation comes a increase in confidence with your ability and most people find there can be a little increase with pace at the same time.

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But 3 mins seems like such a difference when I'm shuffling along?


I can guarantee that your phone didn’t lose 3 minutes in 30... so it’s not that! Hey, maybe you shuffled along 10% faster without realising it!

Well done.

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Thank you. Just struggling to believe it!


I know you said you don’t like running with your phone but I bought a cheap Lycra running belt on amazon and put my phone in that. When it’s on I don’t know it’s there. I then use the runkeeper app (free) which measures and times my run so I know if I’m quicker/slower. Pair it to a cheap (£14) pair of Bluetooth earphones and i get music plus 1km updates on my times. Just a suggestion. Good luck!

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Thank you

Accept it! Over the past 10 weeks I’ve shaved 6 minutes off my 5km time without really trying to. Admittedly I was really really slow, and now I’m just really slow, but the more you run the better you get it seems! Well done you 😁

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