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First park run- thunder, lightning and torrential rain!


I have had the goal of doing a park run for quite some time now.

I found out where and what the course was for my local one and went and ran it on Thursday, with a couple of short walks thrown in I managed 40 mins exactly, which I was pleased with for just over 5.3k.

I have just been putting in the 3 runs a week since graduation and gradually trying to increase the distance but I haven't been particularly focused if I'm honest!

I was super nervous and nearly didn't go. It started to pour once we had set off and continued throughout, thunder and lightning, hail, and at points I couldn't see due to so much water in my eyes!

My headphones stopped working about ten minutes in, probably due to all the water, so I had no idea of my pace, time, and worst of all no music 😵 :'( meant I could hear the thunder though!!

The volunteers were great though, cheering everyone on.

I don't think I did too horrendously, I will find out when they publish the times. It was quite challenging to go and do it on my own.

All in all, I am glad I swallowed my nerves and bit the bullet. I think I'd do it again!

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HURRAY! I did my first park run last week and enjoyed it so much I had another go this morning. I'm not going to set the world alight with my running times but who cares? Well done!

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Thank you :) it was certainly a dramatic initiation! It's definitely the taking part that is the important bit. I'll never win it, (esp at my age) but it gives a great feeling of accomplishment.


You did great... you don’t need to wait for the time to be published to know that. You ran with a lot of other people, I assume that’s something new. You ran in terrible conditions, though they may have been welcome after weeks of heat. And you finished the job... well done!

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It was completely new to run with other people. I'm very shy! My goal was to finish and not to come last, although that would have been alright too really.

Thanks for your encouraging words :)


“Feel the fear and do it anyway”? Much respect. I really know how hard that can be. Looking forward to seeing your time when it comes through.


Yep, talking myself into getting to the starting line was half the battle.

I was 467th out of 487 and beat Thursday's 40:04 with 39:49.

That'll do! :)

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