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W9R2 - Today I will be mostly grinning:)


Another good one although OH joined me which slowed me down a little, but chuffed he came too. Planning my final run for Mon ( lots going on at home and a wedding on sat ), will be odd doing it alone, without the app, but looking forward to working on stamina and speed ( I use the word speed very lightly, suspect I will never get much faster ). Amazed at how my breathing has improved. I remember posting a question about how to breath better weeks ago and now look at me, chatting away to OH, wanting to speed up. Cant believe it's me! Feeling rather proud and very happy today, cant imagine how I'll feel after final run.

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Well done Jo we are both on our final week. I find I breathe through my mouth a lot rather than nose which makes it dry so any tips gratefully received. Got my run 2 tomorrow then fingers crossed run 3 on Sunday. Good luck with Monday and hope the weather stays beautiful for the wedding x Flossy


Good luck with your final run!!

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