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W3R2 complete, few days break soon though


Ah so it's going well W3R2 done this morning, going to complete R3 on Thursday but then I'll be taking 4 days off until I start W4 on Monday. Hopefully this won't be detrimental to my progress.

Having to take a few days off as my knee is taking a bit of a battering, started off with a bit of a twinge last week and now feels kind of bruised (only a slight pain) on the bone below the knee cap. On the bright side, my shins stopped hurting lol

Hopefully the 4 days and plenty of ice will help.

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You are doing the right thing by taking a break sometimes our bodies need that extra help while we learn something new. It is better to take the break than push through, an extra couple of days won’t make any difference to your progress. I hope it is feeling a bit better.

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Thanks, yeah I figured it was probably best to take a short break. The knee is feeling lots better so we'll see tomorrow night when I start week 4.

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